Real Money Gaming: Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular table game on the Internet. If you're new to online real money gaming, blackjack is a great way to get introduced to this exciting and potentially lucrative activity. And although the history of blackjack can be traced back to 18th century France - nothing is more current and up-to-date than modern-day online blackjack. It involves all the suspense of the classic French card game with the modern technology of the Internet - it truly is the best of all worlds. And you can win some real money too!

The Rules of Real Money Blackjack

Anyone can learn the rules of blackjack in a short time (it just takes a little more time to get really good). The object of the game is for your cards to reach a total that is more than the dealer's total but that does not go over 21. There may be other players at the blackjack table or you may be playing against your computer - in either case only the dealer is your opponent. You - and all the players - are dealt 2 cards face up and the dealer is dealt a card face down. You then have to decide whether to hit - take another card - or to stand. Your decision is based on the cards you and the dealer have been dealt and on the likelihood of the next card "busting" your hand (making it go over 21) or not.

After all the players have finished hitting, standing, or busting, the dealer draws cards - based on pre-ordained rules - and the blackjack winners are determined. You win real money if your total is higher than the dealer's total or if the dealer goes over 21. In blackjack, all cards are worth their face value, pictures cards are worth 10, and aces have a value of either 1 or 11. The game is called blackjack because the most valuable and unbeatable hand is an ace and a ten, also called a "blackjack."

The Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack for real money has been wildly popular in the United States for almost a century. It is a much loved game because it is the ultimate combination of a luck and skill. Unlike the slots (another popular game on the Internet), when you play blackjack you can actually influence the outcome of the game. The game has great odds for the player who takes it seriously and plays with a well-formulated blackjack basic strategy that has been found to work if adhered to. Blackjack is a game that has mesmerized mathematicians for more than half a century - going back to the mid-1900s. Card-counting evolved when statisticians realized how mathematically based blackjack is and - in the 1960s, when computers became accessible - programs for counting cards and for playing blackjack strategically were devised.

Blackjack Card Counting

Card counting is not for everyone but the basic blackjack strategy is. If you play online blackjack for real money you can find the basic strategy laid out for you in the form of a table on just about every site that features the game. This blackjack strategy is a list of moves you should make depending on what cards you and the dealer have been dealt. Because the cards dealt determine what cards are still in the deck, and because the likelihood of certain cards being dealt goes up or down depending on what cards are already on the table, the basic blackjack strategy dictates your moves based on probability. Yes, it takes the spontaneity out of the game but playing by the seat of your pants is not the way to go in blackjack. When the basic blackjack strategy is followed correctly it reduces the house edge to the minimum, which is usually about one-half of a percent. If you have the discipline to stick to the basic strategy, you can win real money- it's that simple.

Famous Blackjack Players

There are many players who are considered to be blackjack experts, have written books on blackjack strategy and card counting and perfected the techniques of beating the casino at its own game. These exceptional blackjack players and contributors to the game, have gained recognition in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.