Flash Games vs Download

Most of today's leading online casinos offer their games in two possible play versions; a download version and a flash version. The download version is based on a download that installs onto the player's computer and helps facilitate the smoothness of game play. The flash version does not require a download and thus allows instant play. Many people like the flash games due to the fact that they allow playing from various computers without needing to download the bulky download every time. Avoiding the download also effectively protects the player from inadvertently downloading software which might damage his computer or otherwise cause problems with the computing system. Such problems have been rumored to happen with certain casino downloads but as a rule the quality reputable casinos generally provide quality downloads and would not dare tarnish their reputation with something that is anything less than the best.

Choice of Flash Games

Due to the nature of the flash games (which have slightly lighter and less impressive graphics), not all casino games are appropriate for flash playing. At the moment the general rule is that about half of the casino games are available as flash versions and most of these are slot games. This limits the flash player's selection somewhat (although good casinos still have well over a hundred fun flash games to choose from). Players who are new to a casino often take advantage of the flash games to try some free games before committing to more serious play with the bulky download.

Playing Both Flash and Download

Flash games are certainly very convenient. The graphically superior download games have their own advantages. Consequently, most players end up using both options. The flash version is used for when the player is on the go or making use of a computer other than his own whereas the download is utilized on the player's home computer where he can fully enjoy everything the casino has to offer. A single account is generally good for handling both options and so there is no hassle on the part of the player.